Cellulite Reduction and Body Sculpting by Lipomassage


Aida M. -

After having a baby, I was looking for something to get my body back into shape. I did not have the energy or the time to go to the gym a couple of times a week, and I even considered plastic surgery, which was not an option for me. I then came across an ad in the NJ Holistic Magazine for body sculpting through Endermologie at Essential Body Contours. I became very interested in this procedure considering that it is non-invasive, feels like a massage, and it is a complete relaxing treatment, I decided this is an option that was best for me.

After a few months of treatments at Essential Body Contours and maintaining a balanced diet, I have lost 30 pounds. And for a petite lady like me, that means 6 dress sizes. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe because my clothes were literally falling off my body and I could not fit into anything anymore. Thanks to Angeli at Essential Body Contours I can say that I am now in the post pregnancy body I had only dreamed of and at the weight that I was in high school. Thank you Angeli.

Kim S. -

I've struggled my entire life maintaining a healthy weight. As most women, I've always been looking for some quick fix, which usually involves an unhealthy process that is difficult to maintain. It wasn't until I started doing Endermologie that I found something that helped me to lose weight and feel great. The weight loss is only one fantastic benefit. Endermologie helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, which cleanses and strengthens your body and a healthy body means more energy, clearer skin, and an overall improved appearance. Even though I've had success with weight loss in the past, the problem was always getting my body to look toned and contoured. Thanks to Endermologie, I noticed the difference within the first two treatments!!! Endermologie has provided me with a more contoured and toned appearance and a healthier body. What more could a woman ask for?